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The Department of Justice Affirms End Device Licensing – The Avanci 5G Licensing Business Review Letter

This week the Department of Justice issued a business review letter (BRL) relating to Avanci’s proposed 5G licensing platform for patents declared as potentially essential owned by its globally diverse thirty eight licensors.   In direct contrast to creative claims attempted by Continental, Robert Bosch, Bury, Gemalto and Daimler in their antitrust complaint to the European […]

The Real Empty Suit? Unified Patent’s Reverse Trolling Take 2

It seems that Unified Patent’s year plus PR campaign (see) against HEVC assets in the US has run out of steam. While their COO’s incoherent rants about Velos Media may be amusing, as I detailed earlier the campaign was misguided and rife with factual errors. Velos, whose members include BlackBerry, Ericsson, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sharp, and […]

Apple’s CORE Hypocrisy – Setting a World Record in Late Disclosure

As I have documented elsewhere, Apple, for quite a long time has been engaged in a sophisticated long-term quest to devalue (p7) standard essential patents (“Essential Patents”). This strategy is aimed at reducing, if not eliminating, payment for proprietary technology that runs Apple’s products but is developed by other companies, and Apple regularly utilizes fake […]

The Real FRAND Scam Part 2

Previously we addressed some of the key omissions in Unified Patents’ article “FRAND SCAM.”  This post discusses the article’s failure to address the heavy criticism of the royalty calculations in the TCL decision forms the basis for the key arguments in the article.  For a long time industry analysts have criticized the TCL decision on […]