Internet of Things and Patent Wars

US Department of Justice

The Department of Justice Affirms End Device Licensing – The Avanci 5G Licensing Business Review Letter

This week the Department of Justice issued a business review letter (BRL) relating to Avanci’s proposed 5G licensing platform for patents declared as potentially essential owned by its globally diverse thirty eight licensors.   In direct contrast to creative claims attempted by Continental, Robert Bosch, Bury, Gemalto and Daimler in their antitrust complaint to the European […]

Standard Essential Patents

A Quick Reading Comprehension Exercise

I find it fascinating that lawyers and other lobbyists involved with SEPs get so worked up in their policy preferences that they start to have blinders that automatically insert their preferences into texts where those preferences are no where to be seen.  Of course, advocates can always argue that the policy should be changed (whether […]

Patent Demand Letters

Patent Demand Letters – The Kinds of Letters You Might Receive (Part 2)

In my previous article,  I discussed the initial considerations and steps one should make upon receiving a patent demand letter. Particularly, identifying the allegations and sender. In part two, I discuss the subject or content of the letter — i.e., what is the sender asking for? As with most things, infringement letters come in a […]