Internet of Things and Patent Wars

New Article on SEP royalty rates published on SSRN

I am pleased to note that the article I co-authored with Eric Stasik of Avvika AB for les Nouvelles on royalty rates and licensing of 5G telecommunications stnadards is now available on SSRN.  

Standard Essential Patents

Wi-Fi Negative Letters of Assurance Contaminate and Compromise ISO 8802 Standards

Last year, I described the broad negative and anticompetitive consequences of the IEEE’s 2015 patent policy, and was pleased to see the U.S. Department of Justice’s important 2020 Business Review Letter to IEEE (“DOJ BRL”) cite to my empirical work (see FN 47). As a reminder, documented consequences include delay and chaos in development of […]

Patent Demand Letters

Patent Demand Letters – Response Tactics (Part 4)

If you receive a patent demand letter, you can choose from many courses of action, but each has pros and cons. Today we will discuss some immediate considerations to consider. Doing nothing is an option, but a risky one. Pro: Some patent owners are not committed to actually filing lawsuits. They cast a wide net […]