Today’s news of interest

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EU says IP rights shouldn’t be undermined by Brexit

The Intel case: will it be harder for smaller companies to prove dominance?

Inflow to China of IP license fees is claimed to be rising significantly

5 different things people mean when they say we must “revive anti-trust”

Another hysterical pro-implementer & anti-global license take on the UK Unwired Planet Decision, but at least it has lots of data

Waymo and Uber heading to court soon

It will be interest what happens to a patent litigation when 13 of 14 the IPR challenges are rejected

Did Judge Posner resign because of how pro se litigants are treated?

Attorneys sanctions for fee request 8 times the amount awarded to plaintiff

A Cybersecurity Breach at Equifax Left Pretty Much Everyone’s Financial Data Vulnerable

The Privacy Battle Over the World’s Largest Biometric Database

Update on Research on Technology Protectionism and the Chinese Patent System