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The IEEE 2015 Patent Policy – A Natural Experiment in Devaluing Technology

  While most are unlikely to be familiar with the standards development organization IEEE-SA, everyone is familiar with its flagship standard IEEE 802.11, more commonly referred to by its brand name Wi-Fi, that is utilized by billions of people daily. Like all modern wireless standards, Wi-Fi relies on cutting edge proprietary technology to innovate and […]

Trade Secret Theft in China

I am delighted that a short paper of mine (co-authored with Donal O’Connell) on the subject of ‘Trade Secret Theft in China’ has been posted on the IP Strategy blog. The paper briefly explains trade secrets before then describing the various scenarios in which foreign companies may find themselves. We suggest that some of the […]

HR and Trade Secret Asset Management

by David Cohen and Donal O’Connell Trade Secrets: While the laws governing trade secrets differ slightly from country-to-country, common among nearly all these laws is that a trade secret is any information that is: Not generally known to the relevant business circles or to the public. The information should also not be readily accessible. Confers […]

Outsourced Manufacturing and Trade Secrets: Contractual Trade Secret Protection Measures (Part 9)

As we have discussed elsewhere, a trade secret audit or assessment is vital if a company is to protect itself during the outsourced manufacturing process. [See these articles: Trade Secret Audits – Why Bother? ; You’ve Decided to Conduct a Trade Secret Audit. Now What?; You’ve Decided to Conduct a Trade Secret Audit. Now What? […]